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Custom Book Cover Design

For Authors: Have a new book almost ready to publish?

Surprise your niche readers with an amazing cover that conveys the message of your written words.

Custom Album Cover Design

For Musicians / Artists: Ready to release your new album or single? Get a cover that sings to your audience.


Display the embodiment of your music on the cover to solidify your brand image.

Custom Made Cover Design


Unique one of a kind cover creations for Authors & Musicians.


Every creative project is unique with it's own distinct appeal. Custom made cover designs, order made to showcase your original work.


Start the process of getting your custom cover art made today!

Bring Your Cover To Life!


Portray your desired look. Your work should be a special experience from the moment it's first seen. With a custom made cover design you can achive that.


Dazzle your audience with a unique, relevant cover that speaks for what you believe in.


Not ready to order your cover design yet?

Why not promote your work with a custom made logo instead? Check out our sister logo design site Logoest.com for more information.

Cover Design Services


Cover Design Services:

  • Art
  • Illustration
  • Lettering
  • Title
  • Text


Cover Size Types: 

  • Front cover design standalone
  • Front, back and spine

*Order made, sized to your project needs.


Other Specialty Services:

Editing / Altering / Improving Your Old Cover Designs, Related Branding / Merch Design 

Unique Design!

Forget about everyone else.


Cover designs dedicated to your work. Stand out to fans that actually care about what you have to offer.


Project Flexibility!

Have it your way. Different projects have different needs.


All designs based on communication about your specific project, so important points don't get overlooked.


From freestyle design with creative execution, to guided design based off your instructions.

Unique Cover Design is an extension of Rainheart Designs.

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Book covers, album covers, art, photo manipulation, illustration and more.